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We provide a unique Complementory Health care service with over 20 years professional experience in Quantum Bio-Feedback technology, Anatomy and Physiology and Natural Medicine.

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The Eductor Cybernetic System is the most sophisticated instrument in the world of Stress Reduction today. Combining applications of Biofeedback and many other Stress Management Programs, the technology provides you with the one of the best options in complementary care.


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The SCIO system is a successful piece of the discoveries of natural sciences. Why? The SCIO provides an accurate and precise picture of our overall health and every treatment executed by it is personalized and unique – all this is backed up by thousands of satisfied clients around the world.


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The Quantec is “a regular radionic system of the old style”. By placing their hand on the gold plate of the Quantec rose quartz triangle, the client is scanned in a matter of minutes. The Quantec will obtain an expression of functional state and any corrective vibrational information can then be transmitted.



Dr Amanda Velloen, qualified as a Doctor of Natural Health Care, Biomedical Technologist and Quantum Biofeedback specialist. She utilises her intensive knowledge of pathology and quantum physics, fractal dynamics, subspace theory to interpret the electromagnetic frequency scan of the Eductor and SCIO device. 

Very important aspects of well being can then be identified and explained to make lifestyle changes for optimal wellness.  The results are miraculous and everybody can reach their full potential!  Complete balancing of emotional, physical and spiritual stress take place with a renewed awareness to prevent it in future.


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